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Dryer Vent

Intensive Dryer Vent Cleaning Service 

Dirty dryer vents are one of the most common causes of house fires. Hire our team at Air Master, and we’ll perform efficient dry vent cleaning.

Cleaning your dryer vent improves the air quality inside your space. To further enhance air circulation at your property, you can also schedule our duct cleaning and duct blasting services.

Keeping Homes Safe from Potential Fires

Dryer fires endanger lives and cause extensive damage to homes. To avoid this issue, perform a professional dryer vent cleaning to maintain a safe and efficient operation. Our contractors use the appropriate tools and techniques to remove the accumulated lint and debris in ducts. Keep your home safe from fires and benefit from ourHVAC services in South Carolina.

Saving Costs on Clothing Replacement

Besides reducing the risk of dryer fires, regular dryer vent cleaning also extends the clothes and sheets’ lifespan. Dirty vents cause laundry to take a long time to dry or even exceed the heat inside the machine, damaging the fibers of the clothes. Save money on clothing replacement costs and invest in cleaning vents often. This HVAC service protects fabric and increases the dryer’s efficiency.

Breathing Clean Air

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common dirty dryer vent hazard. This toxic gas is odorless and colorless, which has serious health implications. Protect your home from accumulated or blocked carbon monoxide without dryer vent cleaning services. We ensure dryers have proper ventilation and eliminate potential gas buildup, protecting everyone from severe health problems. Schedule an efficient dryer vent cleaning before an accident occurs at home, or call our 24/7 emergency service if necessary.